This exhibition is a celebration of the work from our Level 3 and Level 4 trainees studying Motion Graphics and Animation at North Kent College. We enjoy giving our trainees the freedom to explore their own specialism and areas they would like to develop, which is reflected in the variety of work that has been produced. Although we provide training in software, it has been the ideas and creativity that has really grown and shone through during their time with us.

You can't use up creativity. 

The more you use, the more you have.

Maya Angelou

Due to the pandemic, this year is particularly unusual in that we do not get a chance to celebrate with our trainees in the form of a physical exhibition. Instead we have created this digital showcase as a way to commemorate their achievements. We hope you enjoy this exhibition showcasing their creativity, diverse range of talents and skills.


Wherever you go, whatever you do, enjoy and be happy; stay in touch you will always be part of MGA.

Deb Tobin & Mike Smith



The classmates all through MGA have been a lot of fun to work and laugh with. I'm not the most talkative person going but everyone in the classes always had ways of making me feel included. MGA definitely wouldn't have been what it was without the groups I've been in.


I want to thank my friends for helping me whenever I was stuck and making it an enjoyable experience. I want to wish everyone good luck on their future endeavours.


I would like to thank each and every one of the classmates that have helped me feel comfortable in the class and supported me with my animation work. It’s a real shame that we are still in this pandemic which prevented us from face to face interaction, but I hope that everyone is coping well and staying safe... Again, thank you for being such a great class and helped me feel more confident in myself.


I hope you do well where ever you end up and have a good one!




Mia Adams 

Greg Bekibele 

Eddy Chabeda 

Natalie Cherry 

Jess Cooper 

Lily Dorman 

Luke Down 

Lorcan Fidler 

Juliette Goulty-Baylis 

Alex Hilton 

Harrison Horne 

Elizabeth Judah 

Meg Lewis 

Tom Routledge 

Katrina Sandison 

Ewan Shaw-Davis 

Mishel Soghoyan 

Lukas Springer 

Tom Thompson 

Michael To 

Erin Waldron

Alex Castallack-Ridgley

Alex Dressler

Matt Jewett

Reece Williams

James Winchester

Harry Hawkins

Francis Bussey

Kyle Godfrey

Dan Hammond

Elliott Brigden

Kerim Osman

Joel Maston-Shea