Motion graphics and animation is seen throughout the creative industries, from creating logos and branding to fully animated films. We are a team of people who are dedicated to all things motion graphics and animation. We love to design, create and bring things to life.


Situated in Dartford, Kent, we are part of North Kent College where we have created courses suitable for different levels which help you develop your practical knowledge and ingenuity. Our goal is to encourage innovation and creativity whilst helping you to develop your practical and artistic skills, utilising fundamental principles of motion graphics and animation. We aim to give you an insight into the industry and help you to carve out your own path and goals to get where you want to be. 

Our training uses industry standard software including Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator and Autodesk Maya covering topics such as character design, 3D modelling as well as 2D and 3D animation. Previous experience is not necessary as we teach you from the ground up, encouraging you to develop your own style and creative thinking along the way.



Being around people with the same interests as me all the time has made me way more social and I have more than one friend now which is nice. I also learnt a few cool things and techniques about different software because of peers and tutors.


The teacher support in this course was very helpful for where I want to take my project and how I could experiment with it.


I really enjoyed my time in MGA, every teacher I have had has boosted me towards something in some way. Whether it is my technical skills, artistic skills, personal goals, or just reassurance. I'm glad I got to learn with the teachers that I had.