our graduates

Abby H


“College has been an extremely enjoyable experience and I have met some great people. I will be continuing to use my hand drawing skills and broadening my experience in different software at University Arts London studying BA animation.”

Amy-Jane V


Ben G

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“I enjoy the MGA course as it allows me to communicate my ideas through a medium that I'm passionate about. I was allowed to learn skills I've only dreamed of having, encouraging me to pursue a good work ethic. It's a great step into the world of animation”

Gethin J

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“I now can manage my time confidently and fully exploit the context and research of a topic which will be helpful for my fine art course at Cardiff Met University.”

Eleanor B


“People skills, Adobe Animate and After-Effects are some of the things I have learned during this course. I enjoyed the people around me and wish I had more time with them because they made everyday fun. The challenges I faced with every project made for an entertaining time.”

Maddie L

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“I learnt a lot about how real-world animation companies interact with clients. I learnt a variety of 2d and 3d animation skills which means that I am more versatile in real-life career situations. I will be carrying on at Ravensbourne University, Greenwich, studying user experience and user interface design.”

Montelle N


“Level 3 Motion Graphics and Animation was an interesting course. I was able to learn so much during the past two years and the experience was very useful. Most of my skills have improved, especially in character design and 2d animating. Next year I will be progressing to level 4 Motion Graphics and Animation.”

Sam C

sam C.jpeg

“I enjoyed this course; it allows me to practice using software’s and equipment I ordinarily wouldn't have access to. I would definitely recommend this course to a friend.”

Kai B

Connor W

Charlie H

Andy U

Harrison B

Jade B

Tadey Q

“The FMP was my favourite project because I worked on my music video and I enjoyed it a lot. I learnt skills in Premiere Pro and other Adobe programs as well as website design and how to make my website look good”

Louis C

Ryan F

Sam B


Ryan C

Charlie B

Billy H


Smita K

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