L4 MGA Foundation Diploma in Art and Design 2021

Erin Waldron 

"Throughout these three years, I have found

a love for making animation, writing and making digital work. I have also discovered my own style and I was able to write stories about my characters and animate them, it was so much fun seeing my characters come to life. Overall

I have learned a lot through these last three years and have also met many friends that will be long-life friends so I'm very happy I did this course. It is the best thing I have done in my life since it brought me so much joy"


Greg Bekibele

"The years spent here have been a mixture of confusion and intrigue. From barley being able to operate a Mac to save my life to designing creative illustrations/ animations. It was a real journey and an experience that I’ll never forget"


Juliette Goulty-Bayliss

"My work has always been based around characters and stories and looking on my showreel I can see where that has grown into my love of character design. This is mainly filled with sketches and some of my digital work a mix of a few things I've tried, I'm happy to call this my best of the best as I can see what I can see what I need to improve on and what I'm quite happy with and proud to put out there"


Lily Dorman


Lorcan Fidler

"Throughout this course, it allowed me to express my work and learn from others on how to expand upon my knowledge as an animator using the recommended software and tools. Most of the time, I’ve specialise in using Photoshop as both an art design and animation production software for this course which not only helped me with my familiarity with the software as a whole. During this period, I’ve began to understand the importance of problem solving in my work as it provides a sense of a better learning outcome once the problem is realised and eventually solved in a way that doesn’t infer with the development of my project. It’s encouraged that we should continue to search problems as the project progress for this particular reasons and I’ve begun to see the fun benefits of practicing these methods of approach"


Natalie Cherry

"Throughout the three years of attending this course I have found and improved my specialism of 2D animation. This course has allowed me to reach my goals which l have set during each project. It has also given me the opportunity to grow a bigger passion for drawing digitally in general and has sparked inspiration for the beginning of creating my own web series that I plan to produce and publish

at the end of this course"


Tom Routledge

"I went into MGA with no clue what to expect and finished with skills I did not expect to gain and I wish the course was longer than 3 years 
I have gained skills in 3D modelling, lifelike building, objects and developed my drawing skills along the way"


Lacie Newcombe


Tom Thompson


Lukas Springer

Lukas Springer

"Through the course I have found my specialism, my passion, and my style, I have learnt new skills and have loved every project through out. the freedom I got from this course has been the key to my career path"