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Murtaza Mahdawie

"Starting the course I knew nothing about any of the software but as I progressed I gradually came to like and enjoy using them (Blender mostly), I have also learnt many different skills and techniques along the way and at the end of each project produced work that I'm proud of not to mention all the people here who supported and helped me throughout the mga course the tutors were always keen to listen to my questions and answer them, I had a great time with this course even though it was just a try out I had fun and would recommend this course to my friends, next year I'm planning to do 3D Design & Architecture at the NKC Dartford"


Adam Rozpara

"The course was very enjoyable and a new chapter in my life."


Skyla Hanstead

"Throughout this year, I have enjoyed learning more about the creative process. I have also found that working within the limitations of an established brief has been a great way to learn this. I have learnt how to use Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects and have really enjoyed exploring different options in the creative industry. I am going on to do the Graphic design L3 course next year. I am looking forward to specialising in one area"


Jude Peirce

"This course has taught me so much I found it such a great way to develop not just my future but also myself. I’ve made so many friends during this course and learned about their styles and their specialisms. I’ll miss the times

I had during this year but it has made me realise that I need to keep moving forward. I had fun, I made friends did some cool work, I'll miss it. 10/10 would do it again"


David Malgwi

"This course has helped me learn more about design using specific software and learning new computer skills. I am grateful for my teachers for helping me with my education and showing me that I can achieve great things."


Rhys Stone

"This course has really helped me this year, including using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I feel like I really improved this year.."


Lewis Green

"This course has allowed me to express myself in artistic ways that represent me as a person. I've gathered much research and learnt many skills that I will for sure be taking with me into my future studying Graphic Design."


Tyler Wales

"I very much enjoyed my time in this course which has strengthened my passion for digital art and animation. I have learned so many techniques and effects to implement in my work and bring it to life and improve after each project whether it being drawn or animated"