Course information
What makes our course special?

Employers prefer practical skills and experience to academic qualifications so this course if perfect for first-hand experience in the industry. Given the guidance of set briefs, you can flourish and express your creativity in many different ways, experimenting in preferred software. You will cover the principles of graphic design, 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics and special effects. It is a collaborative environment where everyone has their own preference, and through this, students can help each other with different skills. This makes the learning environment a very positive one, where college is thoroughly enjoyable. This course has many direct links to the industry, from having lectures from professionals to work experience, there are many opportunities.

What software do we use?

We use the industry-standard of software on powerful Apple iMacs. On a day-to-day basis, our students use Autodesk Maya, Adobe Animate, Photoshop, and After Effects.

In addition, we also experiment with graphic design and also build our knowledge base to Adobe Illustrator and Audition.


It does not matter if you do not have previous animation experience, this course is developed to help you start from the bottom and work up. With helpful workshops and personal experimentation, you are really free to explore your knowledge, leaving the course with significant software and transferrable skills to progress to university or working in the industry. Key skills that you learn would be modeling, hand drawing and storyboarding, editing, pre-production planning, clearly showing your thought processes, working well as part of a team, and many more. Coming here gives you a good work ethic, where you are encouraged to meet deadlines which reflects working life and satisfying a client.

What do you gain out of the course?

Qualifications gained:

The L3 course is two years long.

At the end of 1st year: UAL L3 Diploma in Creative Practice: Art, Design, and Communication.

At the end of the course: UAL L3 Extended Diploma in Creative Practice: Art, Design and Communication.

Our Entry Requirements

5 GCSEs grades Grade 4 or above; these should include English and Maths. No prior experience in animation or motion graphics is required, however experience in Computing or Art is beneficial.

What costs are involved?

Tuition Fees: 16-18 is free

19+ Advanced Learning loan - £TBA

Exam and Registration Fees (payable by 19+): £205

Other costs (payable by all students): £150 Annual Company Contribution.


This course may have additional costs such as wanted equipment, but you should be provided with sketchbooks. The course enables you to multiple useful facilities in college such as graphics drawing tablets, drawing tools, iMacs installed with all the needed software and 3D printers.

At home you can install all the software under student discount, and you can get Maya free for one year.

How are we assessed?

This course contains no formal exams, you’ll be pleased to hear. You are assessed on your coursework and progress in practical projects; grading your work using the requirements on the brief and being given a continuous review throughout the course.